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A Forum for Democrats and Like-Minded Progressives in East Cobb County, Georgia

On Saturday, February 17, 2007, the Cobb County Democratic Committee met to elect its members to the Democratic Party's State Committee.  Based on population, Cobb County was allocated seventeen positions on the State Committee.  One position was elected at large and the remaining sixteen, elected on the basis of four positions per each of Cobb County's Commission Districts:

The following State Committee Members were elected:

At Large:  David Wilkerson - Chairman, CCDC

Cobb Commission District 1:

  1. John Dooley 

  2. Betty Godwin*

  3. Carol Stephens (District 36 Captain)

  4. Don Wilson*(District 37 Captain)

Cobb Commission District 2:

  1. Linda Collins

  2. Beth Farokhi

  3. Christopher Benson-Manica (CCDC Secretary)

  4. Patrick Stafford (District 44 Captain)

Cobb Commission District 3:

  1. Herb Butler*

  2. RuthE Levy (State Senate 32 Candidate)

  3. Melissa Pike (District 43 Captain)

  4. Darryl O. Wilson

Cobb Commission District 4:

  1. Joel Cope (District 34 Captain)

  2. Gerald Johnson

  3. Penny Wilkerson*

  4. Open

*E-mail address not available




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