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Below are some upcoming events. For more information on an event, please click on the event below. For more future events, or if you can't see the events below, click on "Calendar of Events" on the left.

General Meetings Every 3rd Thursday

Our meeting will be at the Rib Ranch on Old Canton Hwy.

Check on our calendar above for the latest information. Or, better still, join our email list by clicking the link below for our weekly newsletter.

Enjoy dinner and networking from 6pm till 7pm. Program will start at 7pm and generally end by 9pm. Room will stay open till 10pm for more networking

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A Forum for Democrats and Like-Minded Progressives in East Cobb County, Georgia is the official web site of the East Cobb Democratic Alliance, Inc.,  a non-affiliated independent 527 committee; not associated with the Cobb County Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), or the Democratic National Committee (DNC.) Website contact.


2008 Bi-Annual Report of the East Cobb Democratic Alliance

Come join and contribute to the East Cobb Democratic Alliance at our meetings and volunteer to help win victory in 2008 and beyond.  We will also discuss the current programs of the ECDA and how you can personally take an active part in our programs.


To support and elect progressive Democratic candidates for public office in East Cobb County Georgia through our contributions and volunteer efforts. 


Citizens of Cobb County are supportive of progressive Democratic values and work to ensure local, state, and national government:

  • Protects its citizens against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

  • Ensures equal protection under the law and civil liberties to all.

  • Protects those in need.

  • Protects and sustains our environment so it will be a resource for ourselves and future generations.

  • Deals honestly and fairly with all people.

  • Provides free quality public primary and secondary education and affordable childcare and a college education to all that qualify.

  • Ensures that all Georgians are provided affordable quality health care.

  • Treats all its citizens with empathy, compassion, justice and fairness.

Goals and Objectives

  • Locate progressive Democrats in East Cobb County and encourage them to join the East Cobb Democratic Alliance and contribute their time and money.

  • Raise monies through fundraisers and contributions to support he activities of the East Cobb Democratic Alliance.

  • Develop print materials to distribute within the community for recruitment purposes.

  • Develop communication channels to keep members informed and active.

  • Bring community together to discuss issues important to East Cobb residents.

  • Locate and encourage progressive Democratic candidates in East Cobb County.

  • Ensure that all likely Democratic voters in East Cobb precincts have registered to vote and that their registration information is current and accurate.

  • Locate swing voters in East Cobb and hold focus group meetings to learn of local concerns in the community. 

  • Through information from focus groups and candidatesí public stands on issues, design and conduct advertising campaigns and distribute media (literature, buttons, stickers, flyers and signs) to support these candidates.

  • Conduct letter-writing campaigns to ensure progressive Democratic values receive widespread distribution in the print media.

Bylaws of the East Cobb Democratic Alliance


Our Democratic Moral Values

Much has been written about Democrats and moral values.  Our political moral values are the same as our family moral values.  Every proposal we make, every argument we make, every program we support, every action we take - all are based on traditional American values, nurturant values, democratic and progressive moral values.  These are our values.

Democratic Progressive Moral Values
Empathy/Compassion Responsibility Strength
Protection Fairness Fulfillment
Freedom Opportunity Prosperity
Community Service Cooperation
Trust Honesty Open Communication


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